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      Brightlings Beads
      Wholesale bead & jewelry findings supply store Home Videos & Tips Customer Help Log-In
      24 Hour Ship Policy!   FREE SHIPPING in the USA
      ($35 minimum purchase required.)   Click for Details
      New Items Coupons & WHSL Disc. Overstock up to 85% Off
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      24 HR Ship Policy!
      We strive to ship all orders on the same day. We guarantee to ship all orders within 24hrs after payment has been received.

      Brightlings Beads

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      eGift Certificates

      Looking for a perfect gift for your favorite beader. Just buy a gift certificate and a special code is sent to the recipient of your choice via e-mail within one business day of your payment clearing. It's that easy!

      The gift certificate can be used in one shopping visit or multiple visits until the gift amount is completely used. If the gift certificate amount does not completely cover the shopping visit cost, credit cards can be used to pay off the balance.

      $25.00 eGift
      $50 Gift Certificate
      $25.00 eGift

      Item Code: GIFT-25

      $50 Gift Certificate

      Item Code: GIFT-50

      Brightlings Beads is the perfect one-stop online store for all of your jewelry making and beading needs.

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      MIOVI ?My Life Large Hole Beads

      Porcelain Beads

      Color Coated Cable Necklaces

      25% Off Synthetic Cameos, Cabochons, Links and Pendants Jewelry Components

      Murano Glass Lampwork Pendants